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My father, C.E. Miller  or Doc, was the Pharmacist mate on the USS Starr. I have a lot of pics. I wish I would have thought of this before he died and he could have looked for old crew mates online. He passed in '03.

In this pic he has the last names of everyone on the back.

1. Allen Lt, 2. Rob 3. Fauntleroy Lt, 4. Smith, J.H. Lt, 5. Reeder Ens. 6. Metzbower, Ens. 7. Zirkle Ens. 8. Robinson Lt, 9. Fisher Lt, 10 Beaver Ens. 11. Zapatinni Ens. 12. Hancock Ens. 13. Hackett Ens. 14. Verburg Lt  15. Altick Lt

Photo was taken 10-1-1945

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